What is a Texas Protective Order, and What Does it Mean For Subjects?

Before we explain anything else about protective orders in Texas, it is important for you to understand that becoming a subject of a protective order does not mean you have been charged with a crime. Protective orders can be a precursor to certain criminal charges. And, violating the terms of a protective order is likely to be a criminal charge. However, there is no reason to panic if you have been served with a Read More

A Primer on Money Laundering in the 21st Century

Many people hear the words “money laundering” and think of Al Capone, the mob, and 1920s bootlegging operations. It’s true—the term is much more likely to evoke a certain aesthetic in the minds of people than an actual understanding of the crime itself.  The giveaway is actually in the name. Money laundering is the act of concealing or obscuring the monetary proceeds from illegal operations (such as drug trafficking Read More

New Texas Firearm Laws Take Effect

Permits are no longer required to carry handguns in Texas. In June 2021, Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation that supporters describe as “constitutional carry.” It’s also commonly referred to as “permitless carry” and, on Sept. 1, 2021, became law in Texas.  Prior to this law taking effect, Texans who were otherwise eligible to possess and carry firearms (more on that below) had to submit fingerprints, take a Read More

What Exactly Are Mitigating Factors in a Criminal Case?

Sometimes, despite a perfect defense strategy, a criminal defendant will be found guilty by a judge or jury. Perhaps the evidence was too convincing, or the prosecution was just fortunate.  After the jury returns a guilty verdict in a Texas criminal trial, the case moves to the sentencing phase. That does not mean the defense attorney’s job is done. Before the judge hands down the sentence, both sides may present Read More

Can You Be Federally Charged for PPP Fraud?

To answer the question posed in the title of this blog, yes. Federal authorities have brought—and probably will continue to bring—charges against individuals and businesses for fraud against the PPP. Through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the government distributed forgivable loans to companies. Businesses were required to spend at least 60 percent of PPP funds on payroll expenses, and the remaining money Read More

A Primer on Medicare Fraud

For as long as Medicare and Medicaid have been around, fraudsters have been finding ways to fraudulently obtain those federal funds. In 2019, the two programs—along with CHIP and ACA subsidies—made up nearly one-quarter of the federal budget. In light of those two conditions, it’s not surprising that federal agencies pursue allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud quite aggressively. A variety of federal and state Read More

Federal Conspiracy Charges—What are They?

A criminal conspiracy case broadly refers to an alleged agreement between two or more people to, simply, commit a crime. Conspiracy to commit a crime can be charged in connection with state or federal crimes, but it’s often the federal conspiracy charges that grab headlines. The U.S. Code defines the crime of conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud the United States. This federal crime involves two or more Read More

Consequences of Being a Convicted Sex Offender in Texas

Perhaps no other criminal charges result in as much ridicule or negative stigma for offenders as sex crimes. While the penalties (including prison time) are notably harsh for those convicted of sex crimes, there are numerous restrictions even after serving time or completing community supervision.  The Sex Offender Registry Texans who have been convicted of an eligible sex crime must register themselves for the state Read More

Understanding Assault in Texas

Most people understand “assault” to be a violent crime that involves someone physically hitting someone else. While that is certainly the case in Texas, a perpetrator can be charged with assault without actually striking someone. Assault that involves mere threats of violence is the least severe charge for this crime, and various factors can make the potential penalties worse.  Misdemeanor Assault Assault is Read More

Is There a Silver Lining to Criminal Trial Delays?

Though COVID-19 cases are largely trending in the right direction, there is still plenty of chaos in the Texas criminal justice system. As a result of switching to virtual court and ultimately preserving defendants’ Constitutional rights to jury trials, there exists a sizable backlog of criminal cases that have yet to move forward. While many types of court hearings have been handled efficiently in virtual settings, Read More