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Charles A. Banker III has been championing his clients in criminal defense cases for over 30 years. But, why take it from us? Here’s what our clients have to say about how Attorney Banker has helped them get a favorable resolution of their case and the justice they deserved.

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First off I would like to thank this man for everything he did. He is the Cassius Clay of lawyers. Very true to his words and gets the job done. After facing two felony charges and three misdemeanors, I got the best plea I could get. Both felonies dropped and two misdemeanors dropped. When I say this man changed my life I mean that. After a couple of years of stressing wondering if I’ll ever get to be in my kid’s lives, he reassured me over and over everything would be fine, and he stood by his word. Only one-year probation and I couldn’t be more thankful. Now I’m halfway through with it and have changed my life around for the better. If it wasn’t for this man who knows what could’ve happened. This all coming from the heart and I mean this with everything I got in me, thank you Mr.Banker you truly are someone I will always be thankful for. If anybody is looking for the best lawyer in Houston stop right here because you just found him. Sincerely Sabin O Lopez Jr. thank you, sir.

Sabin Lopez

Mr. Charles Banker expresses true compassion in his desire to help. He displays humility, sincerity, trust and humbleness. I believe success in life determines on what you give (morally). Aside from gratitude, I am honored to meet an individual of dignity. Great Attorney. With a great and punctual team behind him. Case dismissed as predicted. Kudos! Highly recommended.

Sarah Candanoza

We all know how stressful the court system can be at times dealing with cases that never seem to end not knowing if you will get the upper hand of the stick or get thrown out to the wolves. For the past couple of cases, I have used Mr.Banker multiple times in different counties for felony and misdemeanor charges during some of the hardest times of my life but I can most definitely assure that Mr.Banker will always find a way for all of his clients just like he did for me. I can finally move on with life not worried about jail time and probation anymore which is a huge relief. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done this past year it truly means a lot. I highly recommend anybody that is facing legal issues to deal with Charles Bankers he will not let you down.

Big Dawg

Mr. Banker is kind and wonderful. My Son could have gotten a lot of time in jail. He’s only 15. And Mr. Banker did such a wonderful job fighting for him. And I will always be appreciative of him. This is the lawyer to call.

Ashanta Wilson

Mr. Banker is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and does what is in the best interest for his client. He is transparent with his process and if I ever need an attorney again he will be the one.

Adrian Castillo

Mr. Banker, I want to thank you for helping my nephew in his very serious juvenile case, which will be dismissed in 3 weeks. Thank you for appearing to his detention bond hearing even without then receiving any compensation. I can not ever repay you any money that amounts to your kind gesture, humane, and humble ways in going out of your way to help others. Augustin’s high school graduation was this past Sunday; he was able to complete high school and his dual credit program. Aside from his family, this graduation is especially dedicated to his father in heaven and you, his angel on earth. May God continue to bless you and your practice. With kind regards, Maria

Levy Nunez Perez

Great and humble Attorney, I was very happy with the results of my husband’s case. Thanks, Mr. Banker God bless you always!

Liz Gill

Great lawyer highly recommended kept me out of jail. I violated my probation but he was able to dismiss my case and give me another opportunity. He’s even helping me beat another case out of Harris county. God bless.

Erick Villa

Great lawyer. So thankful to have had him working on my case. I had two felony charges and was looking at serious prison time. He got both charges dropped. My family and I are so thankful for all his hard work. Thank you so much, Mr. Banker.

William Stan

A great attorney, helped me out and very understanding. Could not have gotten a better attorney. After a long battle got a dismissal.. very grateful and will be referring to anyone in need of an attorney!!!

Omar Balmaceda