Mark Anthony Hernandez

Charles Banker III

My Hero, My Friend, The Best, and Most Honest Lawyer anyone could ever Dream of or Wish for!
As far as I’m concerned, the only thing missing on Charles is a “Cape” over his sharp suit, and his crocodile boots with The Bible under one arm, the Scales of Justice firmly in his hands, and a Halo underneath his cowboy hat!
A True Tejano Lawyer. He literally saved my life!!!
The United States of America VS. The Republic of Texas; Mark Anthony Hernandez
After a Trial that lasted a month and a half – Complete Vindication!
Those were the sweetest words I ever read and heard, from all the Media on that day! Needless to say, if you ever find yourself in need of any legal help I highly recommend the Law Offices of Charles Banker III! He will not only be The Best Lawyer, he will also be your Best Advocate, your Spiritual Guide and your Best Friend! I can promise you with all my heart Charles is the most honest and compassionate person you will ever have the privilege of knowing and like me calling him a friend as well! Most Lawyers are all about money I can promise you Charles is not in it for the money. He truly loves to help people and is honest to a fault! You see I was being warned by everyone that going up against the US Government was like in the Bible, A modern day David & Goliath Battle – The Government was going to make an example out of me! They say the odds are heavily against you If you are ever accused and charged with a Federal Crime. The US Federal Court System has a 99% conviction rating! Against all those odds, Charles Banker III was that 1% that fought and won for me my freedom.


March 2, 1998 The first day of my Trial and I was facing 30 Years in Federal Prison. It was one of The Worlds Largest Bank Fraud Cases 1.8 Billion Dollars. You see my case was not only about Bank Fraud. It was also about a Big Political Movement called The Republic of Texas it was based on Texas History and going up against Big Brother – The United States Government, “The State of Texas”, not mention the Federal Reserve Bank. “The US Government and the Media were practically calling me a Terrorist. Almost Everyone else would call me Crazy, while the few who know History would call me a Revolutionary! “


“The difference between a Patriot and a Treasonous Person depends on the Success of the Campaign” Twenty Years Later – I myself, my beautiful wife, my two sons, two daughters along with my extended family can never thank you enough! Thank You with all my Heart! I owe my Freedom & my Life to You and to God!


My friend – Charles Banker III

Mark Anthony Hernandez